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Why Consider Long-Term Self Storage For Lease?

Why Consider Long-Term Self Storage For Lease | Lakeside Storage in Leesburg, FL

Long-term self-storage is about securing a space for your belongings over long periods of time, typically ranging from several months to years. It is super handy for major life changes, like moving for work, making your living space smaller, or storing seasonal equipment. The trick to getting the most out of it is finding a place that is in the right spot, keeps your stuff safe, and fits your budget.

Choosing the right storage place and lease length is super important if you are thinking about storing stuff for the long haul. A great spot won’t just give you good prices and flexible lease options, but it will also make sure your stuff stays safe and easy to get to. Things like keeping your stuff in the right temperature, picking the right size unit, and having it close to home or work are big factors to think about when making your choice.

Advantages of Signing a Long-Term Storage Lease


As lease terms extend, monthly rates typically decrease, offering a more economical option than short-term storage solutions. This scaling down of costs can lead to significant savings over the duration of the lease, making it an economical choice for both individuals and businesses looking to manage their budget efficiently while still safeguarding their belongings.

Stability and Security

A long-term storage lease provides a stable, secure environment for your items. By securing a fixed location for an extended period, you minimize the risks typically associated with frequent moves or transfers of your belongings. This continuity ensures that your items are protected under consistent conditions, reducing the likelihood of loss or damage and offering peace of mind.


Signing a long-term lease simplifies the storage process. With a longer lease, there is no need to worry about renewing contracts frequently or the hassle of relocating your items to different units or facilities. This convenience is invaluable for those who want a simple, hassle-free solution for storing items, especially when dealing with large quantities or bulky items that are difficult to move.


Having a fixed location for your stored items brings predictability to managing your storage needs. You know precisely where your belongings are and how much you are paying, which simplifies budgeting and planning. This predictability is especially beneficial for businesses that must account for asset management and cost allocation in their financial planning.

Choosing the Right Long-Term Storage Option

You need to consider a few factors when selecting a long-term storage facility to make sure your stuff is in safe hands and easily accessible to you:

  • Size and type of units: Make sure to check what sizes and types of storage space the facility offers, so you can find one that fits all your stuff, whether it is small boxes, big furniture, or even vehicles.
  • Climate control: If you have things like electronics, artwork, or wooden furniture that can get damaged by changes in temperature or humidity, it is crucial to go for climate-controlled storage units.
  • Security features: When you are searching for storage facilities, make sure they have good security measures in place, like 24/7 cameras, gated entry, and alarms on each unit.
  • Accessibility: Consider how often you will need to get to your storage unit and pick a spot that is easy to reach, with access hours that work for you and is not too far from your home or office.
  • No Hassle Process
  • Digital Surveillance
  • Access 24/7 - 365
  • Easy Online Payments

Preparation Tips for Long-Term Storage

Preparing your items for long-term storage does not have to be complicated. Here is a simple guide to getting your belongings ready in a way that ensures they stay in great shape:

  1. Clean and Inspect Items: Start by cleaning each item to remove dust and dirt. This step helps prevent mold and pests and lets you check for any damage before storing. Knowing the condition of your items beforehand means fewer surprises when you retrieve them.
  2. Proper Packing Materials: Choose the right materials for packing. Sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts are essential for protecting delicate items. Clear labeling on each box also makes it easier to find things later.
  3. Strategic Storage: Organize your storage unit wisely. Keep frequently used items near the front and heavier items at the bottom to prevent damage.
  4. Insurance: Consider getting extra insurance for valuable or irreplaceable items. This provides an additional safety net, ensuring peace of mind while your belongings are stored away.

Lakeside Storage Facility for Long-Term Leases

Lakeside Storage in Leesburg, FL offers maximum security, outstanding customer service, and flexible options tailored to your long-term storage requirements. Our variety of unit types, including climate-controlled options and sizes ranging from small lockers to large garages, ensures that you find the perfect space for your items. Whether you need to store household goods, business valuables, or vehicles, we have flexible solutions to fit your requirements.

Lakeside Storage prioritizes security and convenience, with 24-hour digital surveillance, a completely gated facility, well-lit aisles, and electronic gate access. Our competitive pricing and flexible lease options make us a leading choice in the area. We are dedicated to offering more than just storage space. Our commitment to quality service and secure storage ensures your belongings are well-protected. Plus, with regular specials and discounts for the community, we strive to keep long-term storage both accessible and affordable for everyone.

Additional Considerations

When preparing for long-term storage, it is important to carefully consider several factors that will affect the safety and accessibility of your stored items. Here is a quick guidelines and considerations to keep in mind as you plan for long-term storage:

  • Suitable Items for Long-Term Storage: Items that are rarely used but hold personal or financial value are ideal for a long-term storage solution. This includes things like seasonal gear, collectibles, documents, and excess furniture.
  • Legal Aspects of Storage Lease Agreements: It is important to understand your rental agreement thoroughly. This includes knowing the terms regarding payment, the conditions under which your items are stored, what happens if a payment is missed, and the specifics of storage insurance coverage.
  • Managing and Accessing Items During Storage: Organize your storage unit so that items you may need to access are easily reachable. Most facilities, including ours, offer regular access hours. Understanding these times will help you plan your visits better.
  • No Hassle Process
  • Digital Surveillance
  • Access 24/7 - 365
  • Easy Online Payments

FAQs on Long-Term Storage

Is long-term storage worth it?

Yes, long-term storage can be incredibly beneficial if you need a reliable place to store your items for an extended period. It’s particularly useful during life transitions such as downsizing, relocating for work, or living overseas for a while.

What is considered long-term storage?

Long-term storage typically refers to storing items for several months to years, generally extending beyond a single season. It is often utilized by those who do not need regular access to their stored items but wish to keep them securely tucked away until needed again.

What are the benefits of climate control in long-term storage?

Climate-controlled units are essential for maintaining a stable environment, especially when storing sensitive items. These units regulate temperature and humidity levels, preventing the potential damage caused by extreme temperatures and moisture, such as warping, mildew, or degradation.

How does Lakeside Storage ensure the safety of stored items?

Lakeside Storage prioritizes the security of your belongings with around-the-clock surveillance, secured gate access, and consistent facility maintenance checks. These measures ensure a high level of protection against unauthorized access and potential environmental hazards, giving you peace of mind that your items are safe.

What are the procedures if I need to access my items frequently?

Lakeside Storage provides flexible access policies to accommodate those who may need to visit their storage units more frequently. Our extended access hours allow you to reach your belongings at convenient times without disrupting your schedule. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses or individuals who need regular access to their stored items.