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Spring Clean-Up Essentials

Spring Clean up Essentials | Lakeside Storage in Leesburg, FL

What Is a Spring Clean-Up?

As winter says goodbye, it is time for a spring clean-up to welcome the warmer days ahead. This is not just about a good dusting inside your home. It is about preparing your outdoor space as well, making sure everything is ready to bloom and grow. Spring cleaning is a good time to tackle those outdoor chores you have been putting off. Part of the process includes clearing out fallen branches, tidying up the pathways, and getting your patio or deck ready for family gatherings. It is practical, necessary work that sets you up for a relaxing, enjoyable summer.

What Does Spring Clean-Up Include?

Spring clean-up is like hitting the reset button for your home and garden, and if you are wondering where to stash all the seasonal gear that is in the way, Lakeside Self Storage has you covered. Our storage solutions are perfect for keeping your winter tools and holiday decor out of the way, helping you clean without clutter. Here’s what a complete spring clean-up typically includes:

  1. Start by removing leaves, twigs, and debris from your yard. This not only tidies up your space but also prevents pests and mold as temperatures rise.
  2. Trim bushes and trees to promote healthy growth and maintain their shape. This simple step helps your garden look neat and well-managed.
  3. Refresh your flower beds by removing old mulch, weeding, and loosening the soil. Ready the beds for new plants and a burst of spring growth.
  4. Assess and organize your garden tools and outdoor furniture. Decide what can be stored to reduce clutter and what needs maintenance.
  5. Deep clean carpets and windows, and dust off surfaces inside your home. Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your living space from the inside out.
  6. Go through closets and storage areas to remove items you no longer need. Consider donating unused items or selling them to clear out space.
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Landscaping Prep for Spring

Springtime is the season to redefine the appearance of your garden beds, adding crisp edges that separate your colorful plantings from the rest of your yard. This not only sharpens the appearance of your gardens but also serves a practical purpose, keeping your soil where it belongs and preventing grass overgrowth. A well-defined bed is the foundation upon which the rest of your garden will flourish.

Next, give your plants the nourishment they need after a long winter. A balanced addition of fertilizer to your plants and shrubs can kick-start their spring growth, providing them with the nutrients needed for a season of blooming and growth. Once fed, tuck your plants in with a blanket of new mulch. This protective layer keeps moisture in, keeps weeds out, and maintains an even soil temperature, all while giving your garden beds a neat appearance that lasts all season long.

Lawn Care Kickoff

As the weather gets warmer, a lot of essential stuff is going to be pretty much useless until the next winter. Lakeside Storage offers an ideal personal self-storage solution to help with this seasonal transition by providing a secure and accessible space for your winter tools and holiday decorations. Utilizing our storage facilities allows you to clean up your home effectively, creating more space to breathe and move around. With items like snow blowers, bulky winter coats, and festive ornaments safely stored away, your home not only looks more organized but also becomes easier to clean and manage.

Storage Solutions for Seasonal Items

As spring arrives, starting the right lawn care practices is key to maintaining a fresh and healthy yard. Here’s how you can effectively start your lawn maintenance for the season:


Aeration is all about letting your lawn breathe. This process involves creating small holes in the soil, which allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the grassroots. It helps relieve soil compaction, enhances root growth, and improves nutrient absorption, setting the stage for a healthier lawn.


Fertilization should follow aeration. Feeding your lawn in early spring helps recover from winter stress and jump-starts growth by providing essential nutrients. A well-timed application of fertilizer supports robust root development and prepares the grass for the heat of summer.

Weed prevention

It is another critical step, ideally tackled early in the season. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide prevents weed seeds from germinating, saving you from having to deal with growing weeds later on. Keeping weeds at bay not only maintains the aesthetics of your lawn but also reduces competition for crucial resources like light, water, and nutrients.

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Spring Clean-Up Strategies

When you’re ready to get started with spring clean-up, start by making a detailed list of tasks. This organization helps you focus and efficiently concentrate on each area, preventing the feeling of being overwhelmed. Make sure that all your cleaning tools and supplies are ready before you begin. Having everything at hand avoids disruptions and keeps the momentum going.

Begin by decluttering. Removing unused or unnecessary items not only simplifies the cleaning process but also makes your space feel larger and more inviting. Pay attention to often overlooked areas like vents and baseboards, as cleaning these can significantly reduce dust and improve air quality. And don’t forget to take breaks so you can maintain your energy levels and get the cleaning done.

Vehicle Storage for the Off-Season

As the off-season approaches, finding a secure place to store vehicles like RVs, boats, or classic cars becomes crucial to protect them from weather-related damage and wear. Lakeside Storage in Leesburg, FL offers reliable car storage, RV storage, and boat storage options that ensure your vehicles are safe and well-maintained while not in use. Our facilities are designed to accommodate a variety of vehicle sizes, providing an

Maintaining Your Garden and Lawn Tools

Post-spring cleanup, taking proper care of your garden and lawn tools ensures that they remain in good condition and are ready for the next use. Here’s how to maintain them properly:

  • Cleaning: After each use, clean dirt and debris off your tools. This prevents the buildup of rust and keeps the tools functioning properly.
  • Sharpening: Make sure to sharpen the blades of your shears, mowers, and pruners. Sharp tools make gardening tasks easier and are less likely to damage plants.
  • Storing: Dry your tools thoroughly before storing them in a cool, dry place. Consider using Lakeside Storage for secure and convenient storage options, especially for larger equipment that might take up too much space at home.
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